TechConnect is proud to announce the 2019 Defense TechConnect Innovation Awards. TechConnect recognizes the top 15% of submitted technologies as ranked by the Program Committee. Rankings are based on the potential positive impact the submitted technology will have for the warfighter and national security.

Learn more about the awardees here.

Organization Technology
14bis Supply Tracking Systems Interoperability for Physical and Digital Asset Tracking
ABB Inc. Ultra-fast solid state DC circuit breaker for future combatant and commercial ships
AccuStrata Portable optical testing laboratory
Adyton PBC Automated Aviation Operations & Readiness Mobile Prototype
Air Force Research Laboratory / 711th Human Performance Wing Portable Door Locks
AlchLight Femtosecond laser surface treatment for military, energy and civilian applications
ALEX – Alternative Experts, LLC Velocity AI Services
Alpine Advanced Materials, LLC. HX5 High Performance Thermoplastic for Replacement of Aerospace-Grade Aluminum
Altamira Technologies Corporation Minerva – Synthetic Data Generator
AntiRadical Therapeutics, LLC SanFlow
Applied Spectra, Inc. Portable Instrument for Rapid Measurement of Chemical Trace Elements in Aviation and Ground Fuels
Articulate Labs KneeStim – Gait-Synchronous Muscle Stimulation for Mobile, Decentralized Rehab Assistance
Atomix Inc 12 inch wafer scale manufacturing of 2D semiconductors
Aventusoft LLC HEMOTAG
Basic Commerce and Industries, Inc. Man-Portable Doppler Radar (MPDR)
Belarc, Inc. Situational awareness for deployed and tactical IT systems
Big Metal Additive, LLC Industrial Scale Metal 3D Printing
Bio1 Systems Hands-free Clinical Data Capture and Transfer System
BioForm Design Group, LLC SEEDPOD (“sPOD”)
Botanisol Analytics, Inc Rapid Portable Medical Diagnostic System
Bounce Imaging Throwable 360-Degree Tactical Surveillance Cameral (Bounce Explorer)
Centerline Biomedical, Inc. Intra-Operative Positioning System (IOPS)
ChemImage Corporation Reconfigurable Conformal Imaging Sensor (RCIS)
Chronic Pain Research Consortium, Duquesne University Personalized Long Acting Low Dose Pain Nanomedicine
Cirrus Materials Science Limited Technology/Solution Name: Functional Performance Coating – Cirrus Dopant™
Conform-a-Care Conform-a-Care is an elasticated multilayered wound dressing that contours to the body, providing optimal wound care.
Cytophage Technologies Inc. Synthetic Bacteriophage targeting mutlidrug resistant bacteria
Department 13 AniML: Machine Learning based Signal Analysis for C-UAV
DimOnOff Inc City Sound – Edge sound recognition solution
Doclink + Hyperdrive Science 3D Cubed Mainframe for therapeutic target discovery and rapid, personalised therapies.
Easy Aerial Inc. Smart Aerial Monitoring System (“SAMS”)
Eaton Creating a replicable microgrid model to advance resilience
ECMedical Artificial Pancreas
Epiq Solutions Sidekiq Z4: low Size Weight and Power (SWaP) Multi-Function Software Defined Radio (SDR) Mission Module
Exiom, LLC 3D Printed Casts and Splints produced via an iPad scan
Fend Incorporated Low-cost, Rugged Data Diodes for Equipment Monitoring and Secure Data Transfer
Fortifyedge, Inc. Embedded AI Cybersecurity Software for billions of IoT edge devices
GeneCapture, Inc. CAPTURE Point-of-Care Rapid Infection Detection
GeneInfoSec Inc DNA Encryption
Geopipe, Inc. Rapid, Immersive 3D Models of Real Environments
George Washington University Smart Measurement Units for Online Situational Awareness in Power Grids
Georgia Tech Research Corporation Methods of Recycling and Replacing Lithium Ion Batteries
Georgia Tech Research Corporation High-Precision Microphone for Body-Worn Devices
GRID20/20 Inc. Advanced Transformer Infrastructure (ATI)TM : Leveraging Intra-grid Sensors to Cost-effectively Future Proof Our Increasingly Vulnerable Distribution Grids
Helicoid Industries Inc. Helicoid Architecture for Composite Materials
Inergy Solar Ultra Light Weight and Portable All-in-One Solar Generator System
inFocus Networks Preventing network compromise with a zero-silicon network interconnect
Innovator Health, LLC SURVIVOR A low-bandwidth, ruggedizied telemedicine system for austere environments
IR Dynamics Dynamic control of infrared transmission and solar heat gain using vanadium dioxide (VO2) nanoparticles
Leo Aerospace Rapid Response Launch Technology for Small Satellite Assets
McMaster University Network Segmentation and Architecture for Cybersecurity
Metro Aerospace LLC Microvanes Drag Reduction Technology
Microbial Pulse Diagnostics LLC Phenotypic Antimicrobial Susceptibility in Under 2 Hours
Microtron Technologies, Inc. Graphene Supercapacitor-Battery
MolyWorks Materials Corp. Distributed Recycling and Additive Manufacturing
Namatad Firefly: A dynamically deployable situational awareness platform for emergency events
Nanoramic Laboratories Low Temperature Ultracapacitors for Aerospace and Defense Applications
Naval Postgraduate School New Paradigm Supercapacitors
Navega Therapeutics Non-addictive long-term pain relief
Neuro Rehab VR XR Therapy – Immersive virtual reality therapy exercises for cognitive and physical rehabilitation
NuShores Biosciences LLC NuCress™ bone filler scaffold technology
Obsidian Advanced Manufactruing Integrated Multimaterial 3D printing for RF and IoT applications
Omnispace Hybrid Multi-Domain Warfighter/IoT Communications System
One Stop Systems, Inc. AI on the Fly™ Systems
PainQx PainQx Platform
Pajarito Powder, LLC Fuel cell catalyst
PDC Premise
PingThings, Inc. Hierarchical and Massively Scalable Sensor Analytics and AI Platform
PROTXX, Inc. Wearable sensor/machine learning PaaS to enhance management of fatigue, impairment, injury, and disease
QESST Solar Power Lab Thin, flexible high efficiency silicon solar cells
REM Surface Engineering Post-Process Surface Finishing and Optimization of Additively Manufactured Inconel-625 Components
Ridgetop Group, Inc. Multivariate Prognostics System on a Chip (SoC) for Electromechanical Actuators
Robust Intelligence Robust Machine Learning
Roccor Modular and High Energy Density Space Power Systems
RTM Vital Signs, LLC Wearable, wireless Respiratory Monitoring Device for Opioid Overdose Prevention and Prediction of Physical Exhaustion
RunSafe Security, Inc Alkemist Cyberhardening
SafeStamp® Nanotech Anti-Counterfeit Solution
Sesame Solar Inc Mobile Solar Nanogrids that are fast to deploy and easy-to-operate
SliceUp, Inc. Real-time sensor analytics on the edge with real-time data fusion.
Solid Power, Inc. All Solid-State Rechargeable Batteries for Electrified Transportation
Sonavi Labs, Inc. A Digital Stethoscope with Active Noise Cancellation and Lung Sound
SPARK Microsystems International Inc. SPARK Radio
Surface Optics Corporation LightShift Video-Rate Spectral Imagers
Syracuse University Trackable Reasoning and Analysis for Crowdsourcing and Evaluation (TRACE)
terraplasma medical GmbH plasma care®
Texas Tech University Portable device and software for eye disease diagnostics
Threat Tec OE Flex – Collaborative Wargaming and Visualization
TRAXyL, Inc. FiberTRAX: An Economic Optical Fiber Solution to the Last Mile Problem
Tricol Biomedical, Inc. Absorbable Biocompatible Chitosan (ABC) Hemostatic Dressing for Prolonged and Leave-in-Place Hemorrhage Control
United Aircraft Technologies Augmented Reality Monitoring System for Aircraft Wiring
University of Otago Inter-maxillary airway stabilization (IMAS) device for airway and trauma management
Vidrovr Inc. Vidrovr Platform
Vivonics, Inc Non-contact Tissue Viability Assessment (NTVA)
Waterfull A patented revolutionary way to store emergency drinking water
Westinghouse Electric Company LLC eVinci Micro Reactor
ZeoVation, Inc. Highly potent Silver-Nanozeolite Antimicrobials