About Defense TechConnect
Defense TechConnect delivers the world’s largest global innovation ecosystem in support of national security and the warfighter. We convene non-traditional start-ups, leading industry prospectors, top venture capital, and proven corporate commercialization pioneers to close technology gaps for the US Department of Defense.
Defense TechConnect Media shares news of innovation and best practices in defense-related technology. Through webinars, events, and relevant resources, we bring together the defense community to discuss challenges and arrive at meaningful solutions.

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For over 20 years, TechConnect has provided strategic technology prospecting and commercialization services through the largest network of active innovators world-wide. Each year TechConnect prospects, vets, and connects thousands of emerging technologies for our industry, investment, and government clients.
TechConnect is proud to leverage its private-sector innovation ecosystem to accelerate breakthrough technologies in support of national security needs.

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