RISE Consortium: Collaborating With DoD To Enhance Energy and Climate Resilience

The Resilient Infrastructure & Secure Energy (RISE) Consortium seeks to address the energy security and climate crises by reimagining how the Department of Defense (DoD) uses, generates, transports, and stores energy and how it can build efficient, modern, resilient infrastructure. This webinar will focus on the climate and energy security crises and highlight how the RISE Consortium is uniquely positioned to address them.

Join the RISE Consortium on 20 September at 2:00 PM ET to gain a better understanding of the Other Transaction Authority (OTA), its growth throughout the federal government, and the benefits of joining the RISE Consortium to leverage the speed and flexibility of contracting through a consortium model.

To date, the RISE Consortium has welcomed more than 250 members who are committed to spurring innovation, commercialization, and deployment of innovative energy and infrastructure technologies to build a stronger, more resilient nation.

About the RISE Consortium:
In alignment with the White House infrastructure plan and the national defense strategy, TechConnect is proud to partner with the RISE Consortium in addressing the nation’s most profound infrastructure and energy security crises. Access the nation’s largest pipeline of dual-use emerging technology funding opportunities aligned with our most critical energy, climate and infrastructure challenges. RISE membership is free for qualified organizations. Join today!

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